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About Us

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) effectively opened with the establishment of the BERJAYA University College (BERJAYA UC) in 2008. It supports the learning, teaching and research needs of the students and academic staff in a highly specialized field of study which includes the culinary arts, tourism, culture and performing arts, food services, and hospitality.

The LRC is located near the main entrance to the university college. It occupies 3520 square meters of space and can cater a seating capacity of about 100 users at one time.


To be a resource centre of excellence by providing efficient services and timely information for University College community.


To continuously support the academic and professional programmes of the University College through the provision of library resources relevant for teaching, learning and research.

Client Charter

We are committed to the following performance indicator:

  1. Open with services for 45 hours per week.
  2. Provide an environment conducive to research and private study.
  3. Make available the resources specified for courses.
  4. Support teaching, learning, and research by providing the intellectual needs for its academic community.

Section 1

Our Librarians

University Librarian

University Librarian

Ms. Shaeiddah Akmar Abd Rahman

  03-2687 7000 ext. 7047



Ms. Sakinah Sariff

  03-2687 7000 ext. 7050



Ms. Che Ku Nor Saadah Binti Che Ku Mohd Salleh

  03-2687 7000 ext. 7050

Section 2

Opening Hours

During Semester 8.30 AM – 6.00 PM 9.00 AM – 1.00 PM
Study Week 8.30 AM – 9.00 PM 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Examination Week 8.30 AM – 9.00 PM 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Semester Break 8.30 AM – 6.00 PM CLOSED

Section 3

Our Services


  • All users must be registered before they are allowed to use the LRC. Student ID card must be produced for registration as a user.


  • All members must produce their student ID card to borrow items from the LRC.
  • Items on loan which are due for return on the date/time stamped on the loan's slip.
  • Fines will be levied on late returns
  • Reminders to return items on loan will be sent through e-mail addresses.


  • Items from the Open Access collections may be renewed twice (2) personally or online renewal if not reserved by others.
  • Items for the Closed Access collection cannot be renewed.


  • Users are responsible for returning borrowed items to the LRC before the due date.
  • Users are responsible for borrowed items until the loan record is cleared in the database.


  • The Librarian may recall an item on loan from the Open Access collection if required.

Overdue Loans

  • Fines will be imposed from the first day that a loan is overdue until the loan record is cleared in the database OR until the item is reported lost.
  • Open Access – 50 cents per day.
  • Closed Access – 50 cents per hour.
    * (User privileges will be suspended when fine reached RM1.00)


  • Members may place on hold item that currently on loan. Applicable for Open Access items ONLY.
  • Item reserved/hold will be kept three (3) days before given to next reservation or put back to the respective shelf.

Lost & Damaged Items

Losses and damages must be reported at the Circulation Counter. A borrower has to:

  • Replace a new copy (ONLY exact edition or new edition + overdue fine if any).
  • Replace with new book or current publication (same subject, not available in the library collections with equivalent price).
  • Paying DOUBLE (2x) cost of missing item (item price + overdue fine if any).
  • Deducting the item cost from LIBRARY DEPOSIT (ONLY when student is withdrawing library membership).

Other Services

  1. Library Orientation.
  2. Information Skills Training.
  3. Reference & Information Services (Help Desk).
  4. Inter Library Loan (ILL) or document supply.


  1. 4 computers – for online services
  2. Study sofas.
  3. Discussion room

Section 4

LRC Collections

There are 4 categories of materials in the LRC:

Open Access

Materials in the Open Access collection may be borrowed by registered users according to their entitlement (see Borrowing Entitlement).

Closed Access

Materials in the Closed Access collection are primarily those on student reading lists that are highly in demand. Priority access is given to academic staff and students of the University (see Borrowing Entitlement).

Teacher's Resources

This collection contains educational and motivational materials for lecturer's usage ONLY.


  • Books marked REFERENCE are for internal use ONLY and may not be borrowed out.
  • Others Reference Materials: Celebrity Chef, Autobiography & Biography, Travel Log & Guide Book, and, Dissertations.

Section 5

Rules & Regulations

  1. Staff ID & Student ID cards are compulsory for admission into LRC.
  2. LRC staffs are authorized to deny entry of students who do not have valid student ID cards.
  3. Staff ID & Student ID cards are not transferable.
  4. Food, drinks, wet umbrellas, bags and safety helmets should not be taken into the LRC areas.
  5. Users must observe silence in the LRC area. If you need to talk, do so quietly.
  6. Hand phones should be on silent mode.
  7. LRC staffs are not responsible for lost and damaged items or any valuables left within LRC premises. Property found in the LRC premises will be passed to Student Services at the first day of each week.
  8. All members are urged to cooperate to ensure that the LRC is conducive for private study and research.

Section 6

Borrowing Entitlement